KSU Signature Events

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Event Funding and Signature Request Process

A process for colleges and departments to submit event requests for financial and signature event consideration was implemented in Spring 2019 to support university level and department level events throughout the year to engage with our community, offer students opportunities to network, and celebrate student success.

  • Events for FY2023 requesting financial or signature event consideration can be submitted January 12, 2022, through February 18, 2022.

    Events submitted will be reviewed by the Funding Approval Group with email notification being sent out to areas by the end of June after budgets have been approved noting funding status and amount, if applicable.

    In order for an event to be considered a signature event and/or qualify for funding, please note the following objectives:

    • Is the event important to the stature of the University?
    • Does the event contribute to the KSU culture?
    • Is the event a recruiting opportunity?
    • Will the event support the reputation of Kennesaw State University?

    Funding is not guaranteed. Funding requests will be based on the established criteria noted above and a sliding scale will be used to evaluate university-level funding opportunities. 

    • Please note: Event Funding will only cover costs for set up and tear down, facility or equipment rentals, audio/visual costs, and support staff.

    • Please submit the Event Funding and Signature Request form. The form submission must include a Dean or Department Head approval in order to be considered. 

    • If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact Christin Richardson at crich115@kennesaw.edu .  


Kennesaw State University Signature Events

  • A remembrance event of the 9/11 tragedy that took place 20 years ago. A chance for the Fall 2021 incoming class to learn about the tragedy that happened before many of them were even born.

  • The ArtsKSU Gala is a fundraising event which engages existing and potential KSU donors. Funding is raised for student scholarships, which attract high-achieving students to all College of the Arts programs.

    For more information, please visit the COTA website

  • The CCSE Fall Hackathon brings 200+ students and dozens of representatives from industry partners together to create an opportunity for students to interact with potential internship and job possibilities, showcase their talent, and develop their computing skills. Industry sponsors provide scholarships/awards for students and help strengthen the relationship between KSU and our business community.

    For more information, please visit the website

  • The Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Breakfast highlights the power and promise of a student-centered, research-driven university and supports the vision of KSU. It raises awareness and accentuates the diverse, uniquely attainable and endlessly impactful, potential in every student we serve and provides hope for students recovering from substance use disorders and mental health concerns.

    For more information, please visit the CYAAR website

  • Launched in 1999, the NCSC is the largest collegiate sales competition in the world. The NCSC hosts top students and faculty from the best university sales programs in North America. It provides soon-to-be sales graduates with a venue for sharpening their sales skills in a highly competitive environment and networking with peers and faculty from across the United States.

    For more information, please visit Coles Center for Professional Selling

  • Pecha Kucha is a storytelling type event where featured faculty share ten slides of their research. This allows the audience to enjoy a series of research presentations in a shorter time frame, allows faculty to share their work with the KSU Community, and provides a networking opportunity.

    For more information, please visit the Office of Research website

  • President's Reception hosts current and future KSU donors from all over the Atlanta Metropolitan area, providing an opportunity to thank the community for their ongoing support of KSU. Following the reception, guests are invited to take in a performance that highlights collaboration between College of the Arts and another KSU college.

    For more information, please visit the College of the Arts website

  • This annual event features roughly 30 teams of first-year mechanical engineering students competing to design, build, and test pumpkin launching devices. The event is built upon the academic coursework requirement for first-year mechanical engineering students, and provides the opportunity to apply classroom principles to real-world application.

    For more information, please visit Mechanical Engineering

  • The annual regional high school tournament of the highly competitive national STEM event, Science Olympiad, takes place at Kennesaw State University each year. Over 350 high school students compete in teams with support from teachers, family, and friends. KSU students act as volunteers, hosts, and KSU ambassadors during this prestigious event.

    For more information, please visit the Georgia SCIOLY website

  • Scholarship Luncheon provides an opportunity for scholarship donors to meet and interact with the student or students who have directly benefited from their scholarship donation.

    For more information, please visit the Office of Development website

  • A celebration of the arts open to the public with an Artist's Market, Iron Pour, RAKU Firing, Digital Drawing and other activities for patrons of all ages.

    For more information, please visit the Spring Arts Festival website