Event Pricing

As the university continues to grow in size and stature, we continue to experience increased demand for event space on both campuses. In order for the Office of University Events to maintain and provide a high level of excellence in quality, customer service, and satisfaction for all events held at Kennesaw State University, there will be an event fee assessed for an event that falls under the criteria set forth in the Event Categories section.

To make this more advantageous for the campus community, we have determined five event categories (Signature Events, KSU Sponsored Events, Co-Sponsored Events, Conferences and Unaffiliated Events) to assist you in determining costs for hosting an event at Kennesaw State.

Why an Event Fee?

  • Events held at KSU are escalating in number, size and scope, accompanied by increasing resources required for these events.
  • To maintain quality and customer satisfaction.
  • To improve and maintain high quality of event equipment (tables, chairs, podiums, etc.),
    AV equipment and associated maintenance and repairs.

Effective Date

As of March 01, 2016, all co-sponsored, conferences and unaffiliated events on either campus will be assessed with an event fee, however co-sponsored events already booked or contracted will be exempted from the new Event Fee structure. This means if your co-sponsored event is already in the system as of March 01, 2016, the event will be exempt from an event fee. However, you will still be responsible for any auxiliary charges that the event incurs, for example: Audio Visual needs, Parking, Food/Catering, custodial charges, late change fee, etc.

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