Venue Use

Kennesaw State University is committed to providing facilities for programs that are consistent with educational goals and mission of the University. As a community partner, the University also supports the need for public service events.

The Department of Event and Venue Management makes every effort to screen events before they occur. Occasionally, an event that does not foster the mission, policies, and procedures of Kennesaw State University occurs. Use of University facilities that are incongruent with the Kennesaw State University mission, may result in loss of privileges.

Damage to University Property

All individuals using Kennesaw State University facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the venue and equipment. Damage, repair, and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of University facilities, and/or equipment may result in legal action including replacement costs and revocation of the privilege to reserve Kennesaw State University venues. Kennesaw State University property (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from a venue without approval from The Department of Event and Venue Management.

Emergency Medical Services

Should an emergency occur at a Kennesaw State University venue, both on and off campus sponsors should contact the Office of Public Safety at 770-423-6666.

Due to the limited space on campus Kennesaw State University is unable to host the following events:

  • Weddings/receptions
  • Bridal/Baby Showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Non-Registered Student Organizations
  • Family reunions
  • Non-affiliated holiday parties
  • Non-affiliated repetitive meetings/luncheons
  • Solicitation seminars/programs
  • Events deemed not in the best interest of the University

Sponsoring Group Responsibilities

  • Non-technical support for load-in/load-out* and event control
  • Securing all dates, times, performers
  • Obtaining all necessary approvals from campus support departments
  • Accepting financial responsibility for any needed rental equipment, fees, and security

*Delivery, set-up, break-down and removal and returning the facility to its original configuration.


Event sponsors are required to obtain waivers for off campus visitors when applicable. Waivers can be obtained by contacting KSU Division of Legal Affairs. For example, a waiver is needed for 5K run participants. If you are unsure if your event will require a waiver, please contact Legal Affairs.