Event Funding and Signature Request Process

A process for colleges and departments to submit event requests for financial and signature event consideration was implemented in Spring 2019 to support university level and department level events throughout the year to engage with our community, offer students opportunities to network, and celebrate student success. 

The Funding Approval Group approved almost $90,000 in complete or partial funding, dependent on the nature of the event and/or other funding opportunities the event had access to. 

Events for FY2021 requesting financial or signature event consideration can be submitted beginning January 7, 2020, through February 21, 2020.

Events submitted will be reviewed by the Funding Approval Group with email notification being sent out to areas by the end of March noting funding status and amount, if applicable.

In order for an event to be considered a signature event and/or qualify for funding, please note the following objectives:

  • Is the event important to the stature of the University?
  • Does the event contribute to the KSU culture?
  • Is the event a recruiting opportunity?
  • Will the event support the reputation of Kennesaw State University?

Funding is not guaranteed. Funding requests will be based on the established criteria noted above and a sliding scale will be used to evaluate university-level funding opportunities. 

Please note: Event Funding does not cover costs for items such as food/catering and event swag.

Please submit the Event Funding and Signature Request form. The form submission must include a Dean or Department Head approval in order to be considered. 

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact Maureen Patton at mpatton@kennesaw.edu