Outdoor Space


Area between the Residence Halls

Conveniently located in the center of campus, this spacious green area includes ample event space. With easy load-in access, this versatile space is ideal for a variety of events such as carnivals, concerts, movie nights, festivals, and picnics. Tents are welcome in this area as long as the Environmental Health and Safety regulations are followed regarding their setup and removal.  Please note, access to power is limited in this space.


The Amphitheater is located close to the area between the Residence Halls and behind the Lawrence V. Johnson Library.  The Amphitheater will seat 200 people and can be used as is with seating on the grass or chairs can be added.  There is a small, elevated stage at the front of the venue and sound and lighting can be used if requested. This venue is excellent for movies, cookouts or competitions.


The Globe sits in the middle of the plaza separating the Student Center and the Marietta Administration building, next to Sycamore Grove. Conveniently located close to the main entrance of campus, and in an area that students walk through frequently, this is an ideal outdoor event space for organizational fairs and information tables.  

Stinger’s Outdoor Walkway

Located in front of Stinger’s Restaurant, this versatile walkway has easy load-in access and plenty of space to set up tables on either side of the walkway with ample access in-between. This area is perfect for those who want their event to be seen by the students, since it is situated outside of the only dining hall on campus.