Student Engagement Through Student Employment

Night Owl is a student group of employees of Kennesaw State University’s Department of Event and Venue Management. These students strive to maximize student engagement through student employment by providing opportunities to gain hands-on experience through event and venue management services. While creating a fun, yet professional work environment, Night Owl facilitates memorable events that provide exceptional experiences that benefit our students, campuses, and community.  


Services Provided by Night Owl 

Night Owl services align with the mission of the Department of Event and Venue Management. Our students are able to assist with event coordinating, planning, and execution, as well as managing and facilitating all of our venues. Night Owls are experienced in both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, including but not limited to; marketing, broadcasting/streaming, event audio visual, operational needs, facilities/maintenance, hospitality, logistic coordination, and more. With their Whatever It Takes motto and attitude, our students strive to constantly provide remarkable services to our clients and produce admirable events year-round.  



  • Established September 2012 as a student entrepreneurial workforce, serving the Kennesaw State community.
  • Currently employs 300+ students with various roles including but not limited too leads, assistant leads, part-time, and event staff.
  • Offers hands on training and jobs for student employees in sales, marketing, audio production, visual production, operations, event planning, staffing, recruitment, logistics, retention, and guest experience.
  • Allows students to have a larger impact throughout Kennesaw State and the Department of Event and Venue Management.
  • Provides leadership opportunities for students to gain experience with staff supervision, event logistics, management and leadership development.
  • Gives students the opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders and peers with similar interests and goals.