COVID-19 Event FAQs

Meetings and Events will remain in a “REMOTE FIRST” approach where virtual options will continue to be encouraged whenever the outcome of the meeting will be minimally impacted. Face coverings required for all attendees. Capacities of rooms across both campuses have been analyzed and reduced to include these needs. 

For an in-person event or for a location to film/host your virtual event, please place your request through Your Event Coordinator will work with you to choose a location and plan to assist in following the appropriate social distancing protocols. Due to space limitations, events with an expected attendance of 250 or greater will not be scheduled until further notice with the exception of Academic Classes, Athletic Competitions, and Signature Events.  

    • Yes. We suggest all meetings be held virtually. If an in-person component is required for the success of the meeting, your event must be held in a space that allows for social distancing (6-ft. distance between attendees).
      • Work with your event coordinator to choose the appropriate space
      • Attendance should be limited to 50 People or Less  
        • Consider multiple sessions of the event
        • Consider virtual options for the event
      • Masks/face coverings must be worn by all attendees
      • Hand sanitizer stations should be provided
      • Attendees should be encouraged to stay home if they are feeling unwell

    • Special Requirements for events over 50 people. Hosting department/organization must:
      • All events larger than 50 people must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director of Event and Venue Management to ensure they are following applicable guidelines. 
      • Post signage upon entry regarding social distancing and face covering guidelines.
      • Have contactless registration and check-in methods
      • Use an RSVP or ticketing  process to maintain the capacity of the expected crowd.   
      • Include screening questions for entry procedures, whenever practical. 
      • Have assigned staff or volunteers monitoring the number of attendees at the meeting/event to not exceed the maximum social distanced capacity. 

    • Require Event Staff to:
      • Answer screening questions and self-monitor for symptoms of Covid-19.
      • Not report to the meeting/event and seek medical attention if they exhibit any symptoms.
      • Physically distance from guests, where possible
      • Wear a face covering if within 6 feet of an attendee or fellow staff/volunteer. 
    • Effective July 15, 2020, University System of Georgia (USG) institutions will require all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear an appropriate face covering while inside campus facilities/buildings where six feet social distancing may not always be possible. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing.

    • Face coverings are not required in campus outdoor settings where social distancing requirements are met. For more information please visit: 
    • The host/client is responsible for providing attendees with any required PPE 
    • At this time, KSU is not taking temperatures of people on campus
    • If this changes, your event coordinator will update you before the event date 
    • KSU Catering must be utilized for all food service requirements on campus, at this time
      • KSU Catering is staying up to date on the FDA’s Best Practices and Guidelines
    • Outside food is not allowed in, at this time 
    • Building Services has a thorough checklist which they utilize when cleaning every facility 
    • Parking & Transportation are putting a new plan into action which includes rider limits and full wipe-downs at specific checkpoints 
    • Internal and external meetings should continue to be held virtually, even if staff are in the office, unless appropriate social distancing (6 feet apart) can be ensured.
    • All non-essential, KSU-sponsored travel will be prohibited at this time. Exceptions must be approved by the President or the Provost.