If you are planning on providing any variation of the following types of entertainment, please review the information for the associated procedures.

Guest Speakers/Musical Performances

Guest speakers must fill out the "Lecture Agreement" form.
All musical performances must fill out the "Performance Agreement" form.
Musical performances may need to be reviewed before a confirmation can be provided.
Musical performances can include but are not limited to singers, DJ's, or bands.
The instructions for each of these forms are also listed on the link, as well as International versions of both forms, if needed. Link to Forms.

Noise Control- All types of entertainment must adhere to the Amplified Sound Policy. This policy provides guidelines for amplified sound per venue space.


All tents must be approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS). Please email firesafety@kennesaw.edu or visit their website at here for the required forms and approvals.
All tents must have a certificate of insurance, be flame resistant, and have a drawing to scale.
Tents cannot be staked into the ground. Must be weighed down with sandbags or water barrels.


All inflatables require a certificate of insurance.
Waivers must be filled out and signed by participant or legal guardian if participant is a minor.
Inflatables cannot be staked into the ground. Must be weighted down with sandbags or water barrels.
Generators- If your event needs to have a portable generator for any reason, please fill out this form.

Failure to follow any of these guidelines may result in the cancellation of the event.